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Annual Health Fare

2010, July 3rd is the last day to donnate any items for this year's event. Please call or email us with any questions.

2010, April 19th attended a meeting in washington DC  on Haiti recovery plan and voiced the need to use the company as a vehicule to help Haiti during the recovery process.

5/15/2010 The company has been recently certified to help Palm Beach County resident who needs assistance filing for medicaid and food stamp. We are in the process of finalizing all mobile devices and connectivity to get us ready to begin

Our fifth annual health fare was held on July 16th 2009. We had over 500 people in attendance. We had a list of 3 Doctors, 5 Nurses, 2 lab techs and other volunteers. We did not raise much to allocate more resources to make a bigger impact as the year before. we are looking for monetary donation, medication and clothings in order to make bigger impact on 2010 event. With many more people displaced from the capital, 2010 is going to be probably our biggest crowd. Please give a tax deductible charitable donation of any amount to help us reach that goal!

Board of Directors Meeting
Our annual Board of Directors Report. If you have any agenda items, please submit them before the meeting.

Friday, July 29

Frequent Donors List

  1. Raymond Insurance (Delray Beach, FL) 2008
  2. Hatcher Construction (Delray Beach) 2009 
  3. Garry Deneus  Atlanta (2009)
  4. Mr and Mrs. Luckner Deneus 2009
  5. Dr. David Abellard (Delray Beach) 2009
  6. Dr. Alexandre, Serge (Delray Beach) 2009
  7. Beverly Adderly (Delray Beach) 2009
  8. Marilyn Wilson (Delray Beach) 2009
  9. Marie Cajuste (Delray Beach) 2009
  10. Jores Presendieu (DB) 2009
  11. Nordine Presendieu (DB) 2009
  12. Dr Abacu (2009)
  13. Yves Coriolan (2009)
  14. Juna Thelemarque (2009)
  15. Ti WIll (Liancourt) 2009
  16. Ducamel (Liancourt) 2009
  17. Lucas Dumarsais (WPB) 2009
  18. Claudine Cemoin (Delray Beach) 2006
  19. Judith Warren (DB) 2009
  20. David Jolicoeur (DB) 2009

Our Meeting Place
160 Congress Park Dr. #116
Delray Beach, FL 33445
RSVP at (561) 859-0663

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