Merjolynn Foundation Inc

About us

 Our foundation is mainly focus on Health and welfare of the people in Palm Beach County, FL and Haiti. We chose public health, because it’s the arena that we are most experienced in. We are a Christian based organization and integrate christianity in all that we do and the blessings do not go unnoticed.
We have done significant work in the Delray Beach community working with low income family and the disadvantages in many capacity. In July 2004 our focus had broaden after a trip to Haiti and saw the need to help improve the quality of health in a village called Liancourt.   One year later, we returned and organized the very first health fare in the area and it was very successful. Many was treated, sent to hospitals and given medications. That experience was the catalyst to our existence. July 16th is already a local holiday in that village, so now it becomes a day of hope, because many are eagerly waiting for that day, so they can see a Doctor, a nurse, some for the first time. Our very first health fare was spectacular with 1200 people in attendance. We have been able to save many lives, prevent many deaths by providing a way to see a doctor and pro-actively determine the current state of health to a certain degree for some and decide the next course of action (hospitalization, medication, diet, condom distribution etc...). Some of them were on the brink of death and not even know it. It is our way of giving back to those in need. Thus far, we have made great progress with 50% of personal funds and the other 50% as donation. In 2010  our goal is to double the impact of prior years.  We have since incorporated to make it easier for corporation and individuals to give their tax deductible donation. We are hoping to take this effort to a much higher level, because many of the folks displaced by the earthquake have returned home, hence increased the provincial communities. Some of them have lost everything, so we can at least help make their new beginning a little smoother by donating clothes, food and other items, especially monetary donation.

We are starting to collect FUNDS, CLOTHINGS, FOODS SUPPLY, MEDICATION, first aid kits, WATER PURIFICATION KITS, CONDOMS etc… If you can see what we have been able to accomplish with very minimal funds in the past few years, your charitable donation can be used to really multiply the impact.  On July 15, 2010 we must be on the ground in Haiti doing what we have been doing for the past 5 years. Many are waiting, because they know how helpful this event has been. Our health clinic has been very successful and we would like you to be a contributor this year. Our web site is now up and running please forward the link to your friends and relatives or your company ( See the News and Event page for more info.   

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