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                        Welcome to the Merjolynn Foundation!


To reach out to families living in hopeless situations, learn of their pressing needs and bring them transformative spirit, medical and social help in the hope of turning deplorable living conditions to sustainable ones.  


While we cannot resolve every poor family life’s burden, we strive to improve those that we come across with whatever goods in our possession via donations and other means.  Our organization was built under a compassionate sense of caring and giving to the less fortunate throughout the world and that is what we hope to accomplish.   

Our History

We have been serving the Delray Beach, Florida community and poor families in Haiti for many years transforming lives one family at a time.  Most of that effort was occurring under the radar without forming a corporation and with personal funds. The needs have immensely grown that we could no longer keep up. In 2009, we have decided to be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so we can better respond to the demand for help and increase the impact made to families in need. We have reached out to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals to collect all sorts of items and monetary donations. Those efforts have made significant differences in the lives of our recipients. We frequently travel back and forth to Haiti to provide Health aid (using mostly volunteers Doctors and Nurses, and dentist etc...), article of clothing, and Food to many communities. The constant rewarding factors have been saving lives that could have otherwise lost due to poor health conditions. We consult families and speak to the youth on the importance of safe sex, better hygiene and the power of God. Our goal is to continue to invest in changing lives one village at a time wherever we can. We are in much greater need for support now more than ever before in Haiti, because of the large displacement of thousands from the capital to the provinces due to the 2010 Earthquake. Please visit our website weekly for more details on all upcoming July Healthfare events. We are hopeful that eventually, instead of hosting the event once a year, we can have it several times a year with some more financial help.    


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We are always looking for donors and volunteers. Give us a call anytime.
Our doors are always opened. 

Call (561) 536-8503 for more details.

Merjolynn Foundation Inc
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